Aussie Survived Avalanche but Died later When he reached safety

Mortgage Broker Dean Higgins rescued 2 other aussie friends and his wife who where underneath the snow. While on their way to safety Dean was only
wearing a T-shirt and did not make it.

According to the local news people, 3 locals also died in that same avalanche.

The aussies were inside their tent when they got engulfed by ice and snow.

Wendy Higgins wife of Dean, told her friend Julie that “They were under the snow for about six hours and Dean dug them out”.

It took them around 8 hours to get to safety.

“We’re not exactly sure what happened, but he was alive until they got down the bottom”

Keith, Wendy’s workmate said Dean was so worn out that they need to carry him.

When they got to safety he was still alive but died.

Julie said that Dean’s wife were ok and cannot wait to see Sara their daughter.

The couple, Dean and Wendy are mortgage brokers in Glenelg, Adelaide South Australia.

Mortgage Choice’s boss Michael Russell talks about Dean Higgins as a “beautiful man” that really care about his family.

Xinhua News said that the aussies went in a restricted place of Mount Everest without authorization and camped there.